Networks are about more than community

May 3, 2012

Kadushin in his book Understanding Social Networks, states that networks are about community, not about getting things done.  I find this to be contradictory to the article Social Networks and Cooperation in Hunter – Gatherers, where it was discussed that social networks are formed in a Tanzanian tribe to facilitate cooperation – which is in turn used to get things done and facilitate survival.  I find this is the same in today’s world.  While I enjoy the community provided by my social networks, I also recognize that those groups often help me get things done – they are the people I call upon in times of need – they often help me survive whether it is personally or professionally and I in turn will do the same for them.  This is why those that survive the social network media world are those that reciprocate, are quick to help and ultimately cooperate with others.  Social media networks breed kindness to facilitate cooperation.


  1. Interesting point, Heather. I wonder, how do you decide who to turn to when you need help? Do you rely on the people in your inner circle? Or do you reach out to someone who is a little further away from the situation?

    • Hilary,
      I rely on both the inner and outer circles. I have been thinking alot lately about someone I reached out to recently who is definately on the periphery of my circle as we hardly every see each other and really hardly know each other. She is a fantastic technical source who I go to when everyone else tells me something can’t be done – she always finds a way and always goes out of her way to do it. As we read about social network theory I keep wondering how she fits into it all as even though her node would probably be depicted as a long distance from me, I trust her more than some of those I know well in my inner circle.

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