War over the wires

May 10, 2012

It wasn’t so long ago that electronic warfare was being fought by militaries.  The computer technology aboard new jet fighters in the military initiated the electronic warfare era where enemies tried to improve the software aboard their aircraft to increase their ability to “see” the enemy and decrease their enemy’s ability to see them.  It was a cat and mouse game played out in the skies above us and lands far from us.

It is appropriate that electronic warfare specialists have become the experts in network security.  Now their job is ensuring security features are in place on websites and sometimes finding out who hacked in when the security is lacking.  It is the cat and mouse game all over again, just in a battlefield – one less defined and more difficult to conceptualize.  One of Canada’s most reputable organizations that once dealt with fighter jet security and now deals with network security is EWA Canada – and yes the EWA stands for Electronic Warfare Associates!

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