Social capital explained through The Big Bang Theory

May 11, 2012

The Big Bang Theory  (the TV sitcom, not the start of civilization – although I must say dissecting Kadushin has been a bit of what I might call an evolution – sorry I am digressing once again!) has helped me teaze out the concepts of social capital.  Please watch the episode of Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon to see what I mean and then feel free to look at  my PowerPoint which explains some of my take-aways from Kadushin’s chapter on Social Capital through the Big Bang Theory lens.

Yes I continue to use mindless TV programming to understand Master’s level concepts – this may be a bit of a worry!


  1. Loved how you put this pop culture slant on our studies- easily digestible and very entertaining- thanks Heather! We could all relate and really understand the rewiring and undercurrents of theory going on here.

  2. Heather this was an excellent presentation and I really appreciated the way you broke the coursework down into understandable means. I’ve been trying to sort out the readings but continue to get lost in the language and flow of Kadushin’s text.
    Even though I don’t enjoy the Big Bang Theory, I really enjoyed your interpretation of social capital and learned from it.

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