Poster References for MACT Students Scrambling to Be the Best that They Can Be!

May 12, 2012

In the fall I attended the University of Alberta Faculty of Extension seminar on making posters.  I sharing the PDF of PPT Poster Presentation that was distributed for this session as well as a Poster Presentation Info.pdf they handed out which I have scanned for your referral.  Lots of info for you to refer to – use as you need!  Remember we are in this together and we’ll all make it through!


  1. Thanks! I am sending you 5 virtual gift baskets!

    • You make me laugh – which is worth way more than 5 gift baskets!!

  2. Oooh! Hope you don’t mind me taking these for my research course. They look good. Thanks!

    • Certainly, use what you can. The template links no longer work, but students at NAIT should probably be referred to the project factory at NAIT which is where I went and they did a fabulous job!

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