Silence cannot be taken away

May 17, 2012

This blog post focuses on Zizek’s article “Occupy First. Demands Come Later“.  I find the entire article worth the read, but what really caught my attention were the last two paragraphs.  Zizek’s proclamation that protestors need to remain silent and not come up with solutions as requested by the politicians was insightful to me.  According to Zizek, politicians push for protestors to provide their suggestions early on so that they can quickly discredit them as solutions that will not work, thereby giving the politicians permission to continue on with the status quo.  In Zizek’s words,  “time is needed to deploy the new content… All we say now can be taken from us – everything except our silence”.  The demands of business and government to label the movement to be about something tangible was very real.  The inability for anyone to articulate it was also real.  Yet that hole where the answer should be needs to remain silent, until we figure it out.  The problem has been identified – the solution cannot be rushed.

I think it is ironic  that one of the final readings for COMM 506 is about the value of silence – not exactly what we have been doing for the last three weeks!

One comment

  1. Yes, it is ironic Heather. This class has been a true “eyeopening” experience for me! Especially this past week. I have been in shock as to how far the government will go to “push the envelope”.

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