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Assessing professionalism

April 9, 2014


Want to increase the ability to assess professionalism in a videoconference interview? Recent research shows that in a waist-up screenshot frame professionalism, when compared to eleven other determinants, is most easily rated by interviewers.

The least easy to assess in the waist-up screenshot frame – dominance. Here’s how the twelve determinants fared when twenty interviewers were asked to rate how easily they were able to assess them when looking at a waist-up clip of an interview candidate – easiest to hardest:

Professionalism – Likeability/Confidence (tied) – Optimism – Enthusiasm – Attentiveness – Warmth – Honesty – Competency – Empathy – Supportiveness – Dominance

While this study was a pilot project and requires further research to support the findings, the results are something to consider. If professionalism is an important attribute in your recruiting efforts, you may want to ensure the candidate uses a waist-up screenshot frame.