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Videoconference interviewing – not as straightforward as it seems

January 8, 2014

In today’s global economy, videoconferencing is being utilized to interview applicants for jobs and entrance into educational programs. In these high stake situations, it is important to ensure best practices are being used so the right candidates are chosen.

I recently performed research that delves into the effect of the video screenshot frame on an interviewer’s first impression. It is clear from this pilot project that the screenshot frame does make a difference. In fact, the screenshot frame may have an effect on whether the interviewer is even able to assess certain attributes or not.

If you think seeing more of the person, provides you with body language to help assess the candidate, think again. Distractions due to body movement or overload of information has an effect on the interviewer. Close up a better view? Maybe not. Distraction due to apparent lack of eye contact is also a problem.

The findings from this simple project are quite extensive and show that first impressions formed from various screenshot frames may also be influenced by the gender and age of the interviewer.

No one today has the time to read a 60 + page paper, so I will be discussing the project and findings in bite size blog posts over the coming weeks.

Why do I care about this? After being involved in applicant interviews for educational programs, I became aware of the cost to the applicants to attend these face-to-face interviews. With the widely available technology for videoconference interviewing, this seems to be a plausible solution to decreasing the cost to applicants. My concern lies with the lack of research to support best practices with a videoconference interview. How do we make these types of interviews the best they can be? It is in the interest of both the interviewer and interviewee to make this experience a good one. I hope to be able to help increase awareness of the issues and provide some direction towards best practices for those who are performing videoconference interviews.

If you want to see the full paper, tweet me @HHdgray with a direct message containing your email address and I will be happy to forward it to you.